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Written April 20th, 2017

Several volunteers with the homeowner

Our Homeowner

We are not wallboarding this year.  We have spent most of the past 10 trips hanging, mudding, prepping or painting wallboard.  This year, our house is already past that stage, so we are learning to do new things.  Our primary goal for this week is to get the baseboard and shoe cut, installed and painted. The kids have been excited to get to work with power tools like the chop saw and nail guns.  We have been making good progress.  We have the floorboard installed in every room except one, and we have a lot of the caulking done.  The floors in the rooms where floorboards are already installed have been taped and are ready for painting tomorrow. The house we are working on is a 3 bedroom house, but the hallway to the bedrooms is narrow so the biggest challenge we’ve had has been to keep out of each other’s way.

The great thing about doing this finish work is that the house starts to actually look finished.  Just getting the doors hung makes a big difference.  The flooring for the house was already in when we got here, so at a quick glance, it’s only the paper taped to the floor that gives away the fact that the room is still under construction. The downside to doing the finish work is that it becomes really important that we do it right.  There are fewer chances to fix our mistakes.  I have been caulking trim for most of the past 2 days.  I had never done that before.  As our site supervisor Anthony was showed to me how to do it,  he also pointed what to be careful of. I knew exactly what he was talking about though.  I worked at one house where I have to fix all those mistakes from the previous group.  So I have spent the last 2 days pre-apologizing to next week’s crew for my sloppy job.  I struggled with it yesterday, but thankfully today went much better.

We were supposed to be split up into 3 groups tomorrow.  One group was going to stay at our current house and keep working, one group was going to go to a nearby house and help for some final cleanup for a woman who will be moving back in the next week, and the third group was going to be going to another site to clean up demolition debris.  We are off the hook for the extra jobs though, thanks to a group from New Orleans who will be heading up to Baton Rouge to take on the other 2 jobs.  The SBP volunteer called to let us know, and thanked us for being flexible.  I’m very happy to be flexible, especially when it means that we won’t have to spend a day in the Louisiana heat filling up a dumpster.  We’d have been happy to do it if they needed us, but we’re glad we can stay at our house and continue with our work.

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