Written April 21st, 2016

Wednesday11Today  was a low energy day.  It was hot and humid (well, we thought it was hot, it was in the low 80s).   The work we’ve done this week was catching up with us.  People are tired and sore (at least the adults are).  We have gotten a lot done on the house though.   We have almost all the wallboard up (there’s one small piece left on one window that we just couldn’t get to) and we have made a good start on the first coat of mud. We also started putting up the siding that we primed on Tuesday anThursday04d Wednesday. That was going up quickly until about 2:00 when it started raining.  Everyone working outside had to come in and take up mudding. Going from studs to drywall makes a big difference in the appearance of the house.  It is starting to look more like a house than a construction site.

OuThursday01r two highlights today  were both food related.  We woke up this morning to a box of cookies made and shipped to us by the mother of one of our high school kids.  We took them in our lunches and they were delicious.  Then after dinner, Chef Earl made us his famous Bananas Foster with ice cream.  Our energy levels may be low, but it’s not because we aren’t being well fed

Thursday14It’s funny how fast we seem to go from Wednesday morning, when it seems like we have a lot of time left, to Thursday night when suddenly we start talking about who’ll be driving who to the airport Saturday to head home.  As usual, I am looking forward to heading home, but wish we could stay here and keep working.  The week has gone by very fast, but we have one more day to help bring Mr Melvin and Ms Etta home.

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