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Written April 15th, 2011

Dennis and Allen playing the banjo

Dennis and Allen playing the banjo

The past two days have been spent taping and mudding. It is progress, but it is slow work. The taping is just about finished now on the right side, and tomorrow we will be mudding all day. On the left side, they are still finishing up the taping. Devon says that the taping and mudding is one of the longest parts of the house project, and whoever comes next week will probably spend all day mudding too. I’m jealous of the group that is coming the week after that, they will get to start painting and really see the house come together.

Living Room wall without any outlets

Notice the lack of outlets.

It’s been a good week, and much more relaxing than the last 2 years. It’s been great to have someone on site to ask questions of when we aren’t sure what to do. Like when we suddenly noticed today that the 16 foot wall we wallboarded on Tuesday had no outlets. I am not sure how we didn’t see that when we hung the wallboard. In our defense, all the outlets were covered by insulation which was already in place. When I was screwing in the wallboard, I could feel that there was something behind the insulation that was pushing the wallboard out, but I was too busy trying to get the screws in right to really think about it. So, today we had to find the outlets. Luckily, the 2 sides of the duplex are mirror images of each other. Paul, the project manager, went over to the other side and measured out where the outlets should be. Devon was able to find them pretty quickly without doing to much damage to the wallboard. It’s nice to have someone on site who knows what there doing.

In the past, by Thursday night we were panicking about whether or not we would be able to finish everything that we set out to do. There’s no panic this year. The group we are working with now is so much more organized. We know there is another group coming in next week, and they’ll be working with the same site supervisor, so they’ll know where we left off, and will be able to pick the work right up. We don’t have that feeling of not finishing. This time it wasn’t about finishing projects, it was about helping one along. The house does look more finished now that all the wallboard is up and taped. We did finish our piece of the project. And Devon has promised that she won’t let anyone do a bad job mudding over our hard work. The house is in good hands.

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