NOLA 2010

Dogs and Dirt – Thursday

Written April 25th, 2010

Thursday was a split day for my group.  We spent the morning at Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO), and in the afternoon we went to Rev Josie’s community center where there was another group from First Parish working.

The morning was difficult for me.  I have always said that I wasn’t a dog person, and now I know I am not a dog person.  There was a cat room at ARNO too, but unfortunately there weer already volunteers in there when wearrived.  In the morning, the volunteers were responsible for walking all the dogs.  While the dogs were being walked, all their cages had to be cleaned. I volunteered to be a cage cleaner.  I have no experience walking dogs, but with kids and cats, I have plenty of experience cleaning up messes. The work itself wasn’t hard.  The smell of dog was overwhelming though,  and of course as soon as the dogs realized it was walking time they all started barking. The worst of it though was seeing how happy the dogs were to go out, and then seeing them have to go back into their cages.  Maybe it was a good thing I wasn’t in the cat room.  Meghan and Chris had already picked out a  kitten.

The afternoon job was working at a community center.  They had a flower garden that hadn’t been used in a few years that they wanted to turn into a vegetable garden.  After the morning, I was glad to be doing something outside and in relative silence.     It was very hot,  and even though Louisiana doesn’t have the rocks we have here in New England, the ground was hard.  When I made a comment about the clay not being as bad as rocks, Warren laughed and told us we hadn’t hit the clay yet.  We did manage to finish digging out the whole garden before we had to be at FUUNO for a meeting.  After a morning in the kennels, and afternoon digging in the heat, I am not sure they were glad to have us indoors.   I was afraid we would never get the smell out of my car.

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