NOLA 2016

Suddenly, we’re done

Written April 23rd, 2016

group1Sitting in the airport this morning, it seems like we’ve been here forever, and at the same time like we just arrived.  So much has happened over the course of the week.

Friday was much better than Thursday.  It was cooler, and more importantly, much drier.  Friday’s typically have a much different energy than the rest of the week. We are moving more slowly, but at the same time pushing to get done as much as we can.  There is also that little relief of knowing that when we get to something difficult, we won’t be the ones who have to worry about it, that will be up to the team coming in next week (and additionally,  the silent plea to next week’s team really believes that whatever we screwed up, we did best we could with what we had). This home had a lot of character, and ‘character’ can be hard to drywall.

We did finish the drywall.  We got as much of the siding up as we could, at least until the SBP framing team had to go off to a training session in the afternoon. We finished mudding the screws and most of the tapered seams. We even started framing the back deck and putting up the corner bead. It was more than the site supervisors has planned for the week and that is really what is what we are happy about.

Another sign of a successful trip is that we managed to avoid any fire ant incidents.  Unfortunately, we did have 2 caterpillar incidents (the caterpillars also sting, it’s best not to mess with any of the bugs down here).

Caterpillars aside, we had a great trip.  We worked with some  awesome St Bernard Project site supervisors and framers.  We got to work with  three of our past site  supervisors.  It’s fun to see them again, and it always amazes me that after all the people they work with, they remember us.  Most importantly, we got a lot of work done, and brought one family one week closer to finally coming home.

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