Pizza from Pastor Ella

Written April 20th, 2017

pizza delivery

Pizza from Pastor Ella

We had a big treat today, Pastor Ella had pizza delivered for us. We worked on Pastor Ella’s house the first 2 years we came down to New Orleans. We have been able to see her at least for a little while on many of our trips. She stopped by to see us when we got in on Monday, and wanted to bring us lunch. Our house is about an hour and half away, so we told that the while we appreciated the thought, she didn’t have to do that. Pastor Ella can’t be deterred though, if she wants to do something she will find a way. So Papa John’s delivered our lunch in Baton Rouge. We usually bring sandwiches and fruit for lunch, so the pizza was a welcome change.

Work at the house is coming along. We have finished installing all the floorboards, and most of the caulking, It was a low energy day for us. By day three, we are starting to get tired and sore and it gets harder to be excited about taping yet another floor, or caulking yet another door frame. Luckily for us though, it is already Thursday. Instead of 2 more days to push though we only have one left. We have been making such good progress on the house, that we got to leave early today. We finished everything they had planned for us, and they didn’t have the material we need to start in on the next step. Tomorrow we will start painting the trim. We also have some mudding to do in some of the places where they had to patch up walls. I’m glad we’ll get to do something new.

Tomorrow morning, it will be time to sign the thank you notes for the staff here and for our site supervisors. We’ve already started talking about who is driving who to the airport. It may feel like a Wednesday, but it really is Thursday. I wish we could have stayed for the whole week.

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